Classical Ballet

This is the REAL DEAL. Classical Ballet, not a watered down version. Because, this is not “playing” at being a ballerina, this is the real ballerina work out. This is NOT about kids running around in pink tutu’s. This is for adults and teens who want to strengthen and tone their body through the elegance of this timeless art form.

Instructor Farasha Browne has over 40 years of Classical Ballet training and has been teaching adults and teens for 35 years.

Dancing and teaching professionally have brought Farasha extensive experience in training different body types. Her philosophy is not to force the body into unnatural and potentially injurious positions, but to respect each student’s individuality.  She gently prepares the body for each exercise and position while maintaining proper alignment to avoid injuries.

This is a great workout! So, empty your mind of all preconceived ideas about Ballet and give it a try! You will be amazed at the strength, flexibility, and joy that awaits.

Dress Code- Comfortable exercise wear,  nothing baggy,  so body alignment can be seen.  Ballet slippers and/or socks. Hair tied back.